Friday, January 9, 2015

Cartoonists in France Murdered by Islamic Fundamentalists

I am anti-Islamic, anti-oppressive ideology; I am not anti-muslim, nor anti-Earthling. There is a difference. Yesterday, 12 people were murdered in France, and (surprise surprise!) it was in relation to Islamic mythology. This is ridiculous. It took hundreds and hundreds of years for us Earthlings to stop the barbaric slaughter of atheists and anti-religious free thinkers by Christian fundamentalists. I am anti-Christianity as well, but at least it had a reformation and removed a large amount of their violent practices. Islam never had a reformation: nor does there appear to be one emerging on the horizon. Islam is younger than Christianity. So what? That is not an excuse to behave in such a manner. Are non-muslims expected to suffer, while Islam learns how to grow up? We are living in the year 2015 - when will the world wake up and act in the civilized manner that so many of us believe is our identity?

The world (well, Europe at least) is beginning to wake up to the horrors of Sharia law and the consequences of Islamism. Many people are finally starting to listen to Tommy Robinson, and the things that he has been saying for years. He started a non-violent movement to oppose the fundamentalists in England, but muslims there did a good job of playing the victim card. Many liberals took the bait and started to scream "Islamophia" at Tommy. Many people saw his movement as extreme, but it takes an extreme movement to stand in defense of an extreme movement; if people do not want to listen to non-violent protests, then things get violent. This is just a fact. Wake up! I do not want violence and many others do not either, and that is why we need to have a real honest discussion about this issue. When Tommy's movement, which he started, started to move in a different direction than which he intended, he had the courage to try a different approach. Good on ya mate!

The same could be said about Sweden. There has recently been a string of attacks on mosques which appears to be in response to some of the issues that the Swedes are having with a certain ideology. Sweden has recently become known as the rape capital of Europe. It does not appear to be all due to Islam, but are we really going to ignore the type of mentality that it creates in many muslim men? I mean, just look at the burka and then google "honor killings," which is murder by your own family for being the victim of rape. Again, I do not want violence. But if liberals, moderates, and secularists are going to continue to protect violent ideologies from real criticism, then all you are doing is leaving it in the hands of people who will use violence.

Why do people care more about feelings than lives?
The attack in France was on a satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. One of the cartoonists was already in police protection as a result of recent death threats. Earthlings, are we going to stand up for freedom from religion? Are we going to protect freedom of speech and expression? No ideology is above criticism, especially not one that treats half of the Earth's population in the manner that Islam does.

I stand for freedom of speech, and if other people are allowed to say, "Fuck Dumbledore" then I see no reason why I can't say, "Fuck Allah!"

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